App for optimized HR processes


EXPRIS 2getHR is the solution for optimizing your HR processes. This app digitizes time-consuming routine tasks and gives you more time for your employees

Why EXPRIS 2getHR?

Without EXPRIS 2getHR

  • Time-consuming coordination between HR and employees
  • Unsecured provision of documents
  • Possible sources of error with manual data maintenance
  • Complicated expense processing
  • Cumbersome recording of vacation planning and working hours

      with EXPRIS 2getHR

      • Time savings through simplified processes
      • Fast and secure data exchange of digitized documents
      • Flexible data maintenance directly by the employee
      • Convenient digital submission of expenses
      • Motivated employees through independent maintenance via a modern tool


      Most frequently asked questions

      The master data is saved in SAP and synchronized with the app and is therefore also available there offline.

      Documents can be uploaded to the app on request.

      Certain HR processes are supported with EXPRIS 2getHR (entry process) and others are completely covered (master data maintenance, working hours, expenses, vacation planning, absences, organization of documents, etc.).

      Via smartphone (Android and IOS) and web

      Your contact person

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