Simplify the transfer of your ALIS XML hospital services


Simplify the transfer of your ALIS XML hospital services


EXPRIS Easy ALIS allows you to simplify the transfer of hospital services from SAP conversion systems.

ALIS is a standard of ALIS-Connect.


You are using the SAP solution IS-H for the healthcare sector

Performance data

Laboratory, radiology, etc. The recording of your service data is everywhere but not in your SAP system

Simplified takeover

EXPRIS Easy ALIS allows you a simplified transfer compared to the SAP Standard

No lost benefits

The automation of the transfer of services in batch operation ensures that no services are lost and that incorrect billing occurs as a result

Do you use the healthcare solution IS-H from SAP Software?

Most IS-H customers use this solution for the administration and billing of cases. This means that the services for patients and their cases are transferred from many different peripheral systems.

Here we are talking about laboratory, radiology, nursing services, medication, etc.

The use of EXPRIS Easy ALIS greatly simplifies the transfer of services compared to the

SAP Standard.

EXPRIS Easy ALIS allows you to easily transfer performance data directly from an SAP server, shared drives or in special individual cases from local directories.

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Most frequently asked questions

The delivery takes place in the form of an SAP transport request. The objects are all located in our own namespace '/XPR'

The configuration of EXPRIS Easy ALIS is immediately applicable after importing the transport.

Existing logical directories are supported

EXPRIS Easy ALIS runs on all SAP ERP installations

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