SAP HR interface

EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector

Interface between your SAP HR master data and any system

EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector

With our EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector, you can supply any system with SAP HR master data and organizational management data. Time-consuming and superfluous data entry on peripheral systems is no longer necessary. The data remains up-to-date and synchronized.

Flexible layouts

In the EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector, any number of output structures can be specified as layout variants matching the specifications of the respective receiving system

Various output formats

The data export can be done in the following formats: - XML - CSV (with any field separator) - Text format with fixed field lengths - Excel

Flexible data procurement

Field transmission 1:1. Field contents can be translated (mapping tables) and own programme logic can be stored at field level for data retrieval

Flexible output technology

Exports can be made both as files and as direct transfers with the integration of web services (SOAP) or by means of a connection to SAP PI/PO.

This intelligent interface solution understands the language of the receiving applications. The data sets to be transmitted can be defined flexibly and individually. However, you can add to or adapt these data sets yourself without any programming knowledge.

Our EXPRIS HCM Cloud Connector connects your SAP system with all other systems in which you need your HR master data. E.g. time recording, access control and employee appraisal systems, pension fund applications or wage round systems.

A large number of selection options can be used to limit the data export for each conversion system. Data can be transferred in all common formats such as XML, CSV, text with fixed field lengths or Excel.

In addition to the personnel master data, the organisational structure can also be exported.

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Most frequently asked questions

Delivery takes place in the form of SAP transport requests. The standard objects are all in our own namespace /XPR. For customer enhancements, USER-EXITs are assigned in the Z namespace

The interface provides all data from HCM infotypes and associated text tables as well as OM infotypes via the standard function. User exits can be used to add any data from the SAP database to the HR master data. Payroll results can also be exported

The interface comes with its own customising tables for the configuration of the interface. The interface is designed in such a way that time-consuming individual programming can be largely dispensed with

SAP ECC6.02 Netweaver 7.0 and EHP0

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