EXPRIS optimises sales and billing processes

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EXPRIS optimises sales and billing processes at the Office of Financial Services

With the migration to SAP S/4 HANA, the sales and billing processes were optimised within 9 months and returned to the SAP standard.

In 1996, SAP R/3 was introduced at the Canton of St. Gallen. Over the years, countless customised programmes and functions were programmed and the longer they were implemented, the further they moved away from the SAP standard. The sales and billing processes were no longer in the SAP standard. Among other things, this meant that new process requirements were difficult to implement and entailed greater implementation effort.

In total, more than 20 forms for customer invoices, receipts and reminders were in use. This variety of forms proved to be confusing, very complex and maintenance-intensive.

With the migration to SAP S/4 HANA, the SAP standard was to be restored as far as possible and the processes optimized and simplified. One of the main goals was to replace as much individual programming as possible with SAP standard functions and, only where absolutely necessary, to extend them in a customized manner and according to the latest programming standards.

Our solution

Existing individual programming was deactivated and replaced by standard functionalities. The processes from customer order entry to invoicing were implemented in the SAP standard and insignificantly adapted to individual customer requirements. The programming was carried out according to the latest development standards.

Furthermore, the processes, functions, forms and customised developments for dozens of sales organisations were harmonised and aligned.

Various interface programmes that create sales orders and customer master data were modernised and optimised for S/4 HANA.

The existing 20 forms were consolidated into 3 forms, taking into account the corporate identity of the Canton of St. Gallen. The forms were implemented with Adobe Forms.

With the existing system settings and process settings, a solid basis has been created to be able to implement future process and user requirements, such as the introduction of e-bill processes.

EXPRIS AG also attached great importance to the fact that the employees of the Financial Services Office should be able to monitor and control the processes as independently as possible of a consulting partner.

Key data

Project duration: 9 months

Number of active sales organizations: 84

Number of active company codes: 123

Closing words

Thanks to intensive and constructive cooperation, we were able to complete the project together on time and within budget. Thanks to the commitment of all project participants, the project was successfully implemented and started without any noteworthy problems or inconveniences.

We thank all those involved in the project for their great work.

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