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SAP Screen Personas

Individual, easy to use and yet tailored to all relevant company processes: The free SAP Screen Personas add-on gives companies new opportunities to design their own user interfaces

How does SAP Screen Personas work?

Thanks to the drag & drop editor, no programming knowledge is required. This means that the SAP GUI can be adapted to company-specific requirements with just a few mouse clicks. As a result, employees can find their way around the system more quickly and, thanks to the clear interface design, reach their goal faster.

Elements that are not required can be hidden thanks to SAP Screen Personas and required items can be operated more easily using buttons or predefined default values. External URLs can also be integrated. Information and input fields replace transaction screens with clearer displays and reduce the number of steps required.

Simple implementation

Thanks to the drag & drop editor, no programming knowledge is required for adjustments

Clear interface

Personalized and clearly arranged interface elements replace the SAP menu and enable easy familiarization

Faster work steps

Customize input fields, display important information and complete transactions with just a few clicks

Increased productivity

Only display the relevant mask elements. Input errors are avoided by using the predefined elements

We take productivity to the next level by conveniently increasing efficiency

The new version of SAP Screen Personas is based on HTML5. This means that improvements in the UX are also possible with SAP Web GUI. As part of the Fiori Launchpad strategy, SAP guarantees support for the add-on until at least 2040, so companies can be sure of the extension's longevity.

We install SAP Screen Personas on your system, make all the necessary adjustments and train your staff in the use of the product. Afterwards, the staff can customise their interfaces to suit their needs. If desired, we take over the set-up and create design templates. In addition, we implement more complex processes and thus enable even greater productivity.

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