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Scale connection
No more manual process is necessary. Record weights on mobile devices. The data is immediately available in SAP for further processing.

The Integration of the scales is across modules possible. Benefit you the connection in the production, warehouse management or in your own developments. With the decision tables from the Business Rule Framework is available at you a extensive tool at side, to your scales according to your needs adapt and operational integrate. It is no additional middleware necessary; the data transmission takes place via standardised interfaces. For the communication set we use on the websocket protocol, which on TCP based.

It is a reliable and connection-oriented protocol. Increase you thanks to the integration your process efficiency, by you the weights automatically record. Add you plausibility checks added, to the qualityfurther to increase. The integration is flexible on your application adaptable. Together find we find the ideal solution for your scenario.

Our solution

With the SAP scale connection support we support you at the digitisation and automation of your processes. We take the necessary settings on the system side on the system side. If you wish, create we your employees at system system, so that you in future yourself simple adjustments yourself can make. Our solution offers a seamless integration in the SAP standard and creates real added value for your ERP system. Thanks to our SAP scale connection transfer you the data directly to SAP.

Automate You the weight recording and increase you your process quality. Control and set you your scales centrally a. We support the industry-scales of the leading manufacturers and bind these via your existing network a. Increase you the efficiency and productivity of your employees. We integrate your scales into your existing processes or design together with you new processes and dialogues.

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